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The health and safety of our members, and that of your public and staff, is extremely important to us. We all share concerns about the current COVID-19 situation and as MAC members are located all over the region, we advise you to check the advice and directives of your own national authorities regarding containment measures and travel, and comply with these recommendations. The national or regional health ministries and authorities have published advice on containment measures on their websites, and these should be monitored closely as the situation is evolving rapidly.
As you activate your own institutional Emergency Plans you may also find the following links useful, courtesy of ICOM and the American Alliance of Museums:
If you are organising a conference, seminar or workshop in the coming weeks, please consider both the regulations of the country where the event is planned and those of the countries where the participants are travelling from, as travel restrictions may apply, advice and directives differ from country to country. Please continue to adjust your policies and practices in response to new developments surrounding COVID-19. We will keep you abreast of any changes to plans for the MAC Disaster Management Workshop (May) and the annual AGM and conference (August).
We are monitoring regional updates and recommendations and will continue to keep you informed via email and social media. If you are seeking additional information on best practices for your museum please direct your queries to .

Best wishes from the MAC Board and staff,
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