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New Website

October 21, 2017

Welcome to MAC’s new website!

For our regular visitors, you will notice an immediate change when you now visit caribbeanmuseums.com. The previous website had been updated a number of times, in 2012, 2014 and most recently in 2016. However, its underlying platform did not support all the modern functionality MAC needed, such as image galleries, newsletter mailings, or embedded surveys and forms.

Currently, MAC’s secretariat is still working to add the last content from our previous website into the Members area. For now, please explore the rest of the website which is a major improvement both in design and functionality. For instance, you will find that you can register for MAC membership directly on our website, as well as complete payment online here as well. News will be posted regularly in a blog format which will also enable us to update our social media accounts more regularly. In the near future, we will also begin again with our regular newsletters, for which you can also subscribe on our homepage.

If you have anything you wish to bring to our attention – either news in the region, or an issue with the website – have any other comments or queries, please reach out to us via our contact page.







We are grateful to BigTree Designs for designing and developing our new website.