Call for Proposals

Cultivating Resilience in Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites

MAC asks its members and audiences from the Caribbean, Caribbean-interest and Caribbean diaspora regions, institutions and educational programs to consider what museum and cultural work looks like in an age where we are focused on how to survive, while we must also consider how to thrive.

  • How are we tackling climate injustice and issues of equity—both internally within our organizations and externally in our communities—while still propelling our institutions forward sustainably?
  • How do we provide robust information in our exhibitions and to our audiences while reducing our carbon footprint and maintaining awareness of the digital divide?
  • How will we manage to provide onsite services together with all the online resources that audiences now expect, while retaining our revenue streams?
  • How do we make our spaces truly inclusive to all, when many of our communities are composed of groups who may be currently or have been historically at odds with one another?
  • What historical and current models of sustainability and resilience can we turn to?

In addition to the questions above, presenters might consider the following for papers, panels, roundtables, and workshops:

  1. What were the lessons learned by your organization because of the pandemic?
  2. What gaps did the pandemic expose at your organization and how have you pivoted to meet them?
  3. What has been the visible impact of climate change on your community?
  4. How is climate gentrification impacting your museum or community?
  5. How do you collect around social justice issues, climate change or a pandemic?
  1. How has your museum addressed these issues at an institutional level?
  2. How have you addressed them programmatically?
  3. What successful digital strategies do you currently employ?
  4. What does equity, activism and advocacy look like for museums and cultural heritage sites?
  5. What does resilience mean for your institution? What does it mean for you as a museum worker?

The Call for Proposals Closed on May 14, 2021