MACCon Schedule
November 3 - 5 2021

The MAC conference is a hybrid blend of live and pre-recorded programs.

3:00-3:15 PM (EDT)

Welcome & Opening Remarks

3:15-4:00 PM (EDT)

Keynote Address

“Soon Come: Anticipating Memory” presented by Mark Raymond

Architect and educator Mark Raymond opens our conference with a reflection on the role museums and architecture can play in helping us to responsively engage our past, embrace our unprecedented contemporary struggles and imagine our future
Mark Raymond has worked on architectural and urban design projects throughout the Caribbean and has also been actively involved with architectural education, lecturing, and teaching at institutions globally. A graduate of the Architectural Association in London, he obtained his PhD through RMIT’s invitational creative practice-based research program and is currently the Director of the Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. Current research interests address the engagement of design pedagogy and practice in processes of transformation and social justice
4:15-5:00 PM (EDT)

Opening Mix and Sip: Virtual Social Mixer

Caribbean Cocktail Demonstration and Museum Tour presented by the Angostura Museum and the House of Angostura

What’s an Angostura Queens Park Swizzle? Mixologists Ray Edwards and Shana Rajahram will tell us all at our opening social, which will also feature a virtual tour of the Angostura Museum in Trinidad and Tobago.
Presented by the House of Angostura. Trinidad and Tobago
8:00-8:20 AM (EDT)

Meditation and Breathwork for Inner Peace, presented by Mirabelle D'Cunha

Yoga instructor Mirabelle D'Cunha instructs this 20-minute meditation focused on breathwork and creating inner peace. Join Mirabelle and explore connections to vital capacity and creative flow.
sponsored by the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands
9:00-9:30 AM (EDT)

Session 1A:

A Healthier Future For Taino Children Through New Arts-Led Indigenous Schools

Alexa “Rahe-wanitanama” Wynter, Archivist, Yamaye Guani Archives
United States

Session 1B:

Out of the Box: The Multichannel Museum

Mark Yokoyama, Co-founder, Les Fruits de Mer
St. Maarten

Session 1C:

Where do we ART from here?

Tasha Dougé, Artist
United States
9:45-10:15 AM (EDT)

Session 2A:

Challenges Around Interpreting and Preserving a Former Slave Colonial site: The Fidelin Sugar Pottery Manufactory

Katarina Jacobson, Collections Manager, Musée Edgar Clerc, Conseil départemental Guadeloupe

Session 2B:

From the Museum to Home: Working Collaboratively to Bring Digitized Collections to Life

Fabian Leotteau, Director and Researcher, MONOKARIK
United States/Colombia

Session 2C:

Facilitating Community Wellness at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

Maia Muttoo, Education Manager, National Gallery of the Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands
10:30-10:45 AM (EDT)

Clearing Energetic Pathways with Caribbean Dance

Join dance movement artist Guerdley Cajus for an introductory and open-level movement experience where we will explore how the body retains and releases stagnant energy through Caribbean inspired dance, meridian therapy yoga and acupressure.
presented by Guerdley Cajus
sponsored by the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands
11:00-12:15 PM (EDT)

Session 3A:

Tracing Our Roots/Routes: Genealogy, Personal Legacies & Community Outreach using Digital Programming

Lisa Howie (moderator), Director of Learning & Engagement, National Museum of Bermuda; Deborah Atwood (coordinator), Curator, National Museum of Bermuda; Janet Ferguson, Education Committee Chair, National Museum of Bermuda; Gherdai Hassell, Artist; Louise Tannock, Educator, Somersfield Academy; Mandellas Lightbourne, Bermuda Archives
11:00 AM-12:15 PM (EDT)

Session 3B:

The Ancestral Gardens (Woodside, St Mary): Sacred Tourism -- A Mighty Long Way to Go

Gavin Myers (moderator), Researcher, Centre for Entrepreneurial Thinking and Practice; Erna Brodber, Indepenedent Scholar, Blackspace/Woodside Community Development Action Group; Klao Bell-Lewis, Communications Consultant; Kalaan Nibonrix Kaiman (Robert A. Pairman), Kasike (Chief), Yamaye Guani (Jamaican hummingbird Taino People)

Session 3C:

Incorporating the Arts in Delivery Frameworks

Alexis Caputo (moderator), Anthropologist/Artist, Grace & Graffiti™; Kishan Munroe, Assistant Professor of Art and Art Education, University of the Bahamas
United States and Bahamas


12:45-1:30 PM (EDT)

Lunch Plenary: “We Are What We Eat: A People Rooted in Resilience”

presented by Reggae Chefs’ Peter Ivey
Culinary and cultural identity for Caribbean people is inextricably linked. Our crops and cuisine not only hold the culinary identity of our region but also the pains, struggles and triumphs of generations of our people. This presentation will explore the resilience forged through our relentless culinary and cultural identity.
2:00 PM-3:15 PM (EDT)

Session 4A:

The role of geodiversity and heritage in building awareness and resilience in the Caribbean

Sherene James Williamson (moderator), Senior Lecturer & Museum Curator, University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona; Katherine Ellins, Geoscience Educator and Consultant, University of Texas (retired); Jorjan Dolphy, Research Assistant, UWI, Mona; Stephanie Parker, Project Member, UWI, Mona

Session 4B:

Ragged Island(s) in Hot Waters 4 years on (after Irma)?

Ian Bethel Bennett, Associate Professor, University of the Bahamas; Ethan Knowles, Cultural Worker, American University of Rome; Nantino Thompson, Project Researcher; Diandra Armbrister,Research Assistant

Session 4C:

A Heritage of Resilience: Design, Craft and Gardening through Caribbean Lenses

Diana N'Diaye (moderator), Senior Curator/Cultural Specialist, Smithsonian Center For Folklife and Cultural Heritage; Michelle Joan Wilkinson, Museum Curator, Smithsonian National Museum of African American Hisory and Culture; Camila Bryce-Laporte, Independent Folklorist, Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance and Grandma's Garden
United States
3:30-3:45 PM (EDT)

Thursday Mix and Sip

Join us for this this Virtual Social Mixer featuring a Caribbean Cocktail/Mocktail Demonstration by Verve Creations .
Presented by Verve Creations
3:45-4:00 PM (EDT)

Virtual Museum Tour: Bahamas Cultural Taster

MAC’s 2022 conference will take place in the Bahamas. Come see what there will be to experience in a preview of the Bahamas’ cultural landscape!
The National Gallery of the Bahamas and the Central Bank of the Bahamas
4:15-5:15 PM (EDT)

Speed Networking Event

This event provides registered attendees with the opportunity to interface with established museum and cultural heritage professionals from across the globe. Participants come with questions and virtual business cards for an opportunity to network and build connections with experts in the field. Session mentors offer their advice and experience to aspiring, emerging, mid-career and transitioning museum and cultural heritage professionals.

8:00-8:20 AM (EDT)

Yoga for Resilience with Janine Martins

Caymanian yoga instructor Janine Martins leads this 20-minute yoga session to awaken the senses, increase awareness and build resilience through deeper connection with the self.
sponsored by the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands
9:00-10:15 AM (EDT) Workshop

MAC Annual General Meeting

10:30-11:00 AM (EDT)

Discussion Groups: What is a Museum? Caribbean Perspectives and Definitions

What is a museum? What is its role in your community? In recent years, museum practitioners have evolved their practice to be more engaged with their community especially in outreach programs, curatorial and conservation approaches. MAC, ICOM Barbados and Fundaciòn Cortes, are partnering under ICOFOM Latin America and the Caribbean, to take a multi-vocal approach in engaging Caribbean practitioners on what a museum is and what it means to us? Come share your thoughts and perspectives on what a museum is in your community.
Facilitated by Shani Roper, Curator, University of West Indies Museum and
Kaye Hall, Education and Community Outreach Officer, Barbados Museums & Historical Society
11:15 PM-12:30PM (EDT)

Session 5A:

Post-Disaster Cultural Recovery in Haiti

Stanley Louis (moderator), Project Coordinator, Museum Association of the Caribbean; Olsen Jean Julien, Professor, State University of Haiti and Quisqueya University

Session 5B:

Online Exhibitions and Outreach Strategies: What We Learned in Lockdown

Amanda Coulson (moderator); Founding Director, Tern Gallery; Natalie Urquhart; Director, National Gallery of the Cayman Islands; Lisa Howie, Founder, Atlantic World Arts Fair; Koren Martin, Member, MAC COVID Collecting Committee; Blake Fox, Education Officer, National Art Gallery of The Bahamas; Romel Searer, Education Assistant, National Art Gallery of The Bahamas
Bahamas, Cayman Islands, United States

Session 5C:

The Kalinago Journey 1492 to present - a Living Museum!

Vincia Auguiste-François (moderator), Lawyer, Roseau, Dominica; Irvince Auguiste (co-moderator), Former Chief, Kalinago Territory, Dominica; Hon. Cozier Frederick, Historian/Minister, Kalinago Territory, Dominica; Anette Thomas-Sanford, Healthcare Professional, Kalinago Territory, Dominica; Claudius Sanford, Economist, Kalinago Territory, Dominica; Louis Patrick Hill Entrepreneur, Kalinago Territory, Dominica
1:30-2:00 PM (EDT)

Discussion Groups: Living With and Surviving the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is a global health crisis of enormous proportions. As Government authorities have taken measures aimed to restrict the spread of the coronavirus, we’ve shifted our daily routines and become accustomed to feelings of uncertainty. Conference attendees are invited to share their perspectives on what is the new normal and how they are coping with the coping with pandemic professionally.
Facilitated by Nameiko Miller
Curator, Antiquities Monuments & Museums Corporation Bahamas.
2:15 PM-3:30PM (EDT)

Session 6A:

Inclusion, social justice and technology: Lessons learned about resilience during the pandemic in Panama

Laverne Seales (moderator), Associate Professor of Spanish and Latin American Culture, California Lutheran University; Verónica Forte, Recording Secretary, Sociedad de Amigos del Museo Afroantillano de Panamá (SAMAAP); Ana Elizabeth González, Executive Director, Museo del Canal Interocéanico de Panamá; Manuel Rivera, Especialista de Cultura, Fundación Ciudad del Saber

Session 6B:

Co-creating a socially-distanced museum experience in a pandemic: Virtual Caribbean Ties. Connected people, then and now (online)

Emma Mooij (moderator), Carib Trails Project Coordinator, Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV); Ashleigh John Morris, Heritage Preservation and Research Officer, The National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago; Katarina Jacobson, Collections Manager, Musée Edgar Clerc; Kevin Farmer, Deputy Director, Barbados Museum &Historical Society; Irvine Auguiste, Former Cheif, Kalinago Territory, Dominica; Winston Phulgence, President, St Lucia Archaeological & Historical Society; Jorge Ulloa Hung, Research Professor, Instituto Tecnol√≥gico de Santo Domingo
Netherlands. Barbados, Saba

Session 6C:

Green Turtle Cay: An Island, Two Years Post Dorian

Jodi Minnis (moderator), Gallery Manager, Tern Gallery; Leane Russell, Artist and Cultural Worker, Abaco Alchemy; Anthony and Felicia Blanco, Proprietors, New Plymouth Inn Bahamas;
3:45-4:00 PM (EDT)

Closing Mix and Sip: A Virtual Social Mixer with Caribbean Cocktail/Mocktail Demonstration and Junkanoo Music Sampler

We close out MAC’s 31st conference with drinks, music, and good vibes. Cocktail/mocktail recipes and demonstration by Verve Creations and Junkanoo Music experience.

Experience a kaleidoscope of color and sound with a collage of Junkanoo performances that showcase the rhythmic, heart pounding sound of the goatskin drum accompanied by cow bells and whistles and incredible costumes. Junkanoo is a national festival in The Bahamas that is held in the early morning hours of Boxing and New Year's Day.

presented by the National Gallery of the Bahamas and the Central Bank of the Bahamas
4:00-4:15 PM (EDT)

Music Performance: Rush Out Bahamas Junkanoo Compilation

presented by the National Gallery of the Bahamas and the Central Bank of the Bahamas