Caribbean Museums Volume 2-3

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Caribbean Museums Volume 2-3, 2018

Proceedings of two Museums Association of the Caribbean Annual Conferences: Museums’ Sustainability through Youth Engagement (October 19-21 2015, St. Lucia) & The Essential Museum: Redefining the Role of the Cultural and Heritage Sector for 21st Century Audiences (October 9-11 2016, Cayman Islands). Edited by: Sherene James-Williamson & Lee Jolliffe.

Jolliffe, L. and James-Williamson, S.A. 2018. Editorial. Caribbean Museums, Volume 2-3, 1. [PDF]

Laronde-West, G. 2018. Angostura Museum: Sustainability through youth engagement. Caribbean Museums, Volume 2-3, 2-5. [PDF]

Ariese-Vandemeulebroucke, C.E. 2018. Engaging Youth Audiences in Caribbean Museums. Caribbean Museums, Volume 2-3, 6-23. [PDF]

Schonberg, W.P. and Myers, L. 2018. Technology as Art and Art as Technology – Educating museum audiences through artistic endeavour. Caribbean Museums, Volume 2-3, 24-44. [PDF]

James-Williamson, S.A., Weise, K., & Shirley, D. 2018. Teaching Children to Document Heritage: The intangible heritage pilot project. Caribbean Museums, Volume 2-3, 45-52. [PDF]

Jolliffe, L. 2018. Engaging New Audiences by Bundling Art Experiences. Caribbean Museums, Volume 2-3, 53-59. [PDF]