Compiled by Isabella Rivera

News from Within the Region

Vincentian cultural group honors outstanding educator, remarkable cultural ambassador (Caribbean Life, September 1, 2023)

History, heritage and culture in Grenada – The business of museums (The New Today, July 22, 2023) 

The Bahamas Has a New Museum of Junkanoo (Caribbean Journal, July 7, 2023)

Inside Barbados’ Historic Push for Slavery Reparations (TIME, July 6, 2023)

Home of St. Kitts & Nevis’ Robert Bradshaw to be transformed into a museum (Caribbean National Weekly, May 4, 2023)

Netherlands repatriates Indigenous remains to Caribbean isle (AP News, March 14, 2023)

St. Lucia donates to Art Museum of the Americas (Caribbean Life, February 25, 2023)

Jamaica to Establish Reggae Hall of Fame Museum (Caribbean National Weekly, February 23, 2023)

Caribbean Cultural News from Abroad

Institute of Puerto Rican Culture receives important recognition in Chicago (The Weekly Journal, September 18, 2023)

Artist HezronH receives Prestigious “Curator’s Choice” Recognition By Prominent Curators At The Atlantic World Art Fair And Artsy.Net (Turks and Caicos SUN, September 18, 2023)

Manhattan to the Caribbean: 1-54 New York fair expands with group show in Chelsea (The Art Newspaper, May 16, 2023)

West Indies emancipation experience discussion to be held at Island SPACE Caribbean Museum (Caribbean National Weekly, May 9, 2023)

America’s only Caribbean heritage museum, Island Space, reopens bigger & better (The New Today, April 18, 2023)


La Brega (WNYC Studios, Season 2, 2023)


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Public Relations Internship Opportunity at Island Space Caribbean Museum (South Florida Caribbean News, September 2023)